Benchtop Water Coolers

Sleek in design and extremely durable, our benchtop water coolers offer the same great benefits as our freestanding cooler range. It's light compact designmakes it convenient for those who have a limited floor space, only taking up the bench space of a phone book. The benchtop cooler is ideal for any reception or waiting area where young children are present allowing you to position it high and out of reach.

The benchtop water coolers are available in 2 options hot & cold or room temperature & cold. Throw away the kettle as the hot and cold coolers heat the water to 84 - 90 degrees Celsius providing you with a great way to make tea or coffee without the need to heat water in a kettle. Whilst the room temperature and cold option provides room temperature water for the cooler months or nicely chilled water for a hot summer's day. Best of all the hot and cold coolers come fitted with a child-proof tap to ensure children cannot accidently access the hot water.

Specifications - Benchtop Water Cooler

Dimensions - 275mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 460mm(H)


Buy a benchtop water cooler for as low as $325 or rent it annually for $90(+ gst). A great edition to your office or home -
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Benchtop Cooler