Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How can I pay for my springwater?

Our current payment options are:
1) Cash on delivery
2) Direct Deposit
3) Monthly account with 30 day payment terms
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2.Where is the springwater sourced?

Our springwater is sourced from a single location in the Daylesford region, Victoria. An area renowned for its natural springs.

3. Does Daylesford Region Spring Water deliver in my area?

We now have a delivery depot in Melbourne
and can deliver to most Metropolitan and many regional centres of Victoria including Bendigo & Ballarat however please visit our delivery page for more information.

4. If I rent a water cooler, when is the rental amount due?

The rental for all water coolers must be pre-paid for a 12 month period and upfront payment is required.

5. If I purchase a water cooler, what is the length of warranty which covers this product?

Each water cooler that is purchased comes with a minimum 12 month warranty
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6. If I wish to purchase a water cooler, can I pay it off in instalments?

Unfortunately at present we do not offer an instalment payment plan to purchase a water cooler.

7. If I already have a water cooler, will your bottles fit?

Our bottles are a standard size that will fit most conventional water coolers.

8. What happens if I lose or damage a springwater bottle?

Loss or damage of a springwater bottle may incur a $15 replacement fee.

9. Do we charge a delivery fee?

Unlike other companies out there we don't charge a delivery fee on our scheduled deliveries. We pride ourselves on delivering refreshing springwater without any gimmics or passing on any hidden costs.

10. When can I contact Daylesford Region Spring Water?

Daylesford Region Spring Water can be contacted between 8.00am - 8.00pm Monday - Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturday.

11. Springwater Analysis

Typical Analysis (Mg/L)
Ph 6.9
Flouride < 0.1
Sodium as Na 8.6
Chloride as Cl 6.2
Nitrate as N 4.5
Calcium as Ca 4.2
Magnesium as Mg 3.0
Potassium as K 0.8

If we haven't covered any of your questions please contact us on 03 5424 8303 or send us an email at